Business Cooperation
MAHC Project Team Led by Professor Ruey-Feng Chang Cooperating with Taiwan’s TaiHao Medical Inc. and Japanese Firm, Descartes Co.

  In 2013, our center’s research team, led by Professor Ruey-Feng Chang, transferred its tech skill, Magnetic Positioning Breast Ultrasound Reporting and Tumor Detection Diagnosis System, to a Taiwan local startup, TaiHao Medical Inc.. Soon TaiHao successfully commercialized this tech skill and so far 3 products have received FDA certification (K151075, K171309, K171709) while 2 received TFDA Certification (MHW Medical Device Manufacturing No.006147, 005966). What’s worth mentioning is that Descartes Co., a Japanese company, is very glad to have found in Taiwan the AI-related medical skills it just needs due to the lack of such skills in Japan right now. Not only has Descartes Co. begun strategic cooperation with Professor Chang’s lab and TaiHao, working on Japan PMDA certification for the aforementioned tech skill, but it has also invested in TaiHao; together the two companies will sponsor the establishment of research centers in Taiwan as well as proceed with the industry-university collaboration with Professor Chang’s team to focus on the research and development of advanced AI medial skills such as lung CT computer-aided diagnosis and Alzheimer’s early diagnosis. Meanwhile, for the next 10 years Descartes Co. will act as the exclusive agency in Japan for TaiHao’s Magnetic Breast Ultrasound Diagnosis product. During this 10-year period, Descartes Co. plans to purchase 1000 sets per year (10,000 sets in total). (News reference link: https://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20181011000479-260210)

  To sum up, professor Chang’s research project not only attracts Japanese companies to invest in Taiwan but also introduces Taiwan-made AI products to Japan. What’s more, the research team is expected to continue upgrading the core system of the above product with more cutting-edge skills, which will definitely make great contributions to Taiwan’s AI-Medical industry.