The “All Vista Healthcare” Center aims to establish a world level platform to facilitate AI application oriented data and technology exploration, through which any technology targeted for certain AI application can be quickly developed and validated. This sub-center is expected to lead domestic research teams specialized in Bio and Medicine to promote the current level of domestic medicine, and in turn to improve the health and well-being of our fellow people. Another aim of the sub-center is to build up a critical cluster on bio and medical researches integrated with AI, so that our domestic substantial medical achievements enhanced by the AI techniques can be more easily recognized worldwide.

    There are two main missions that need to be achieved by the “All Vista Healthcare” Center: one is to build a risk forecast and monitor/control so as to prevent the occurrence of the illness as well as to reduce the medical expenditure; another is to apply certain AI technique to establish an intelligent ecosystem, where the infrastructure and the applied technologies are patient-centric, which results in customized and precision medicine as well as less financial burden to patients’ caregivers.