2021 AI x Pandemic Online Forum

  The MOST All Vista Healthcare Center (MAHC) has organized 3 online forums in 2020, which invited more than 30 esteemed speakers from the government, academia, and the biopharma industry to cover several aspects of anti-pandemic efforts, including: 
- Virus and AI application analysis
- Development of detection and treatment for viral infections
- Public health and psychological trauma 
- Legal and medical ethics 
- Public health response strategies
- Medical care
- Digital healthcare technology
- Diagnostic development and application

  In 2021, as the pandemic is still a major issue for countries in the world, the center has again gathered esteemed speakers to share and discuss what we should understand about the continuously changing virus, how to live with it, and how can AI-related technologies help us to confront it.

Time: 9:00-16:50 July 31, 2021

Opening Addresses

Morning Session

Afternoon Session